Tic Toc Coco - let's go Coco nuts!

Coconuts are becoming more and more popular these days. When browsing the internet you will find several healthy benefits to eating this lovely product. People are actually calling this an affordable superfood that is not only delicious but very versatile because you can eat and drink it but you can also use it in many ways. Besides eating the coconut raw or drinking the coconut water we will show you some of the many uses on this website. If you are a coconut lover and have some great ideas about this product feel free to contact us and share your enthusiasm!


The Tic Toc Coco team!

How to eat a delicious coconut

How to recognize our quality coconuts

Where we grow our Coconuts

Tic Toc Coconuts are mostly grown in the Ivory Coast.
With perfect climate conditions this country is able to supply a delicious and fresh coconut all year round.

Since the coconut is grown in a natural way there is no need to use any chemicals during the production.
Therefore our Coconuts are a untreated natural delight.

Our favorite Coconut recipes

We just love how people around the globe use a coconut for a wide variety of recipes and delicious drinks. Here you can find a small selection of our favorites. Of course some people use coconut ingredients that are not fresh but there is nothing that can beat the taste of fresh coconut in your own recipe. Try and share it with us!